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Share Honor Student’s Course

We created tailored English courses for children in non English speaking countries. We provide a system of education resources to break the traditional way of English training and have introduced new perspectives.We have brought in American kindergarten, primary school, middle school curriculums for Chinese student from 3~12 years old. To let them learn language, math and science in English, not just daily conversational English.Through subject English learning, Children can turn English knowledge into English ability so that they can use English as their future working language and become international elites.What kids can learn here is not just English but the American way of thinking, creativity and confidence.

Excellent growth schedule
Winter/ Summer programs
Share Summer/Winter Program

We created multiple activities and abandoned traditional class mode completely: training camps in and after school, outdoor classes, and closed camps etc..We also offer targeted classes for different age groups, such as Phonics, leveled reading, drama performance, training on sense of languages. We aim at spending the least time to arouse kids` interests, to train English thinking and to achieve great results with fun.

High-end Reading Courses

Share Reading Program
Lead to good values, sound personality. With firm convictions,
Have the ability to distinguish between right and wrong, love life, inspire
creativity and imagination, understand the world.

Reading center target:
Reading habits + reading ability = a student who solves problems by reading.
Let kids have the subject english thinking.

We provide a customized reading list and courses for your child, based on his/her ability and dreams.
To help your child improve reading ability
To get in line with American children`s reading ability
To get in touch with different cultures From reading
Passive reading--like reading--active reading--enjoy reading, to widen you child`s vision

Share Plus Courses

Share Plus-Share language application courses
We build an excellent platform for language using and output, with a colorful curriculum: parent-child outdoor activities, science lab, English culture class, magic kitchen etc.. Those courses can enhance children`s imagination, ability development, personality exploration, creation and thinking ability, at the same time, provide them a way of communicating with others in English, socializing, getting knowledge and fun. We break the traditional class mode to improve actual language skills. Share plus, fun plus!